sleeping loops- minimalist surfing

sleeping loops- wood drifts

hey guys, sorry that I haven’t really been posting many songs this summer, (especially that many loops), but I have been working on editing a short film and a documentary this summer which has taken up a lot of my free time. However, for both those projects I will be scoring them as well so be on the lookout for more information about those projects in the near future.

I have recorded a couple of loops this summer though and I am working on cleaning them up just a tiny bit before I put them up. So enjoy this one and be on the look out for more next week.

thanks for listening


sleeping loops- need/want

I recorded this a couple of days ago in a empty room which produced some really beautiful natural reverberations. I hope you enjoy.

My record “moon heavy” is now available for the “buy now” option on bandcamp. Which means if you want to buy it for 00 dollars you can. enjoy and share if you like it. Thanks.

I’ve finally decided to release my record “moon heavy.” It is a collection of songs that I have composed over the last nine months. This record is a little different from some of my other records in that it includes a number of acoustic songs as well as loops. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think/share it out.

sleeping loops- dream (through the hard times)

sleeping loops- cola

another sleepy acoustic song for my record “moon heavy”

sleeping loops- ernest

Over the last eight or so months I have been working a record that I will call “moon heavy.” The way I have been going about it is just writing and recording a ton of songs during this time frame and then trying to curate a solid record out of the best 12 or so. This song will definitely be one of them. I am proud of it and I hope you like it.¬†

Hey everyone,

This beatmaker named Meetings did a remix of my song “Wave Pool.” I think it came out really cool so check it out!

also if you want to check out more tracks by Meetings go to: