A number of weird coincidences have happened in the past year or so involving a couple of songs that I have written. For instance, I wrote a song called “Sandy” about or week or so before my house was wrecked by hurricane sandy.

However, the most recent of coincidences just happened when I discovered that the song “Cave/Cove” that I wrote this past summer has more of a “past” than I was ever aware of. When I write songs that are instrumentals I usually try to think of names as quickly as possible because I want the name to fit the song naturally instead of dwelling on the right name. Therefore, when I named this song cave/cove I just thought it was a fitting I title. Well, I just found out today though that Cave Cove is an actual cove on the island of South Georgia. It’s fame comes from the fact that in 1916 a ship was shipwrecked there and the crew survived by eating albatross’. Super gnarley! You can check out the wikipedia page on the location to learn more about it.

This is a very cool coincidence to find out about, and it totally makes this strange little surf loop sound like surf music for shipwrecked sailors.

you can download cave/cove the song at: sleepingloops.bancamp.com